Examination Rules

To maintain sanctity and prestige in the examinations, every one taking admission in the college and every student appearing for the examination from this centre must follow the following instructions as per the directions from the university:

  1. Carrying books, notes and plain sheets of paper in the examination hall, in college premises is prohibited. If any kind of illegal material is found in case of search, the candidate shall be punished according to the university rules.
  2. Talking to others, misconduct, smoking, consuming tobacco, spitting, carrying weapons, cheating, etc., by the candidate shall be treated as the use of unfair means and is punishable as per the university rules.
  3. Detaching or tearing any page from the answer sheet is prohibited.
  4. The examiner, assistant centre superintendent, senior centre superintendent, internal flying squad, or any person appointed by the university, has the right to search the candidate at the college gate and the examination hall. The candidate creating hurdles in the process shall be punished and can be deprived of further examination. The candidate shall be admitted for the examination only after showing the admit card, which is compulsory. New admit card can be issued after paying the prescribed fees in the event of loss of the admit card.
  5. It is compulsory for the candidate to obey the orders of the centre superintendant.
  6. Strict action shall be taken against the candidates boycotting the examination after the distribution of question paper, or encouraging others to boycott, or creating hurdle in the successful completion of the examination. Re-examination of the boycotted question paper shall not be conducted in any case; result shall be declared even in case of abstaining of the candidate from the examination.
  7. Kindly do not wear such dress and shoes/chappals, which consumes unnecessary time and energy during search and create hurdles in the proper conduct of the examination.

Special Instruction
Every student must possess the identity card issued by the college principal and the proctor during the educational session. Entry to the college premises, class, and the library is not permissible without the identity card.